My Triumph 6T Thunderbird Project from 1953

It  hopefully will look like this Pearl

Sandblasting Parts ,the beginning of all-powder coated 6T Rigid Frame

All parts are out for painting in orginal Polycromatic Blue.Frame Sandblasting  and then powder coated.The Petrol and Oil Tank is special cleaned with Acid  inside,pressure tested and then  sealed,before painting !!

Paint finish !!!!!!

Will be continued  End of March

Gearbox maintenance and Repair

Cases are out for Polish

Rebuild-All Bushes and Bearings new.Camplate changed

Front Wheel complete rebuild and painted in Polychromatic Blue

Rear Wheel rebuild-painted

Wheels are finished

New Parts and Chrome

Fork rebuilt

Rigid Rear and front Wheels completed-Rolling Chassis

Engine refurb

6T Cylinderhead refurb with lead free Valve Seats Colsibro Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guides,Valve seat re-cut multi angle

Valve Seat recut multi angle,Exhaust Valves Plasma hardened ,Head shot blasted and stoved enamelled.and so on