Excelsior Henderson

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The Big 3. For a time, they were the last men standing in the American motorcycle industry: Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Excelsior-Henderson. They fought hard on the dirt tracks, race tracks, hill climbs, and sales floors, and in their 1920s heyday, the competition between the Big 3 made for the most exciting racing anyone had ever seen, between the fastest and most advanced racing bikes in the world. Sales floor competition made each company improve their products dramatically, and by the late 1920s it was Indian and Excelsior-Henderson who dominated the 45cu” (750cc) market with the Scout and Super X models. Their big models (the Indian Chief and 4, and the Henderson 4) were admired the world over, and were in many ways the most attractive and technically interesting motorcycles built in the USA. But larger forces were at work in the marketplace, far beyond any company’s control, that determined the fate of the Big 3.

Excelsior 1910 499cc 1 cyl aiv

Excelsior 1911 500cc 1 cyl aiv

Excelsior 1913 Model 7C 1000cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1915 model 15-1 1000cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1917 combination 1000 cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1918 model 18 1000 cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1919 2 cyl ohc racer

Excelsior 1919 model 19 1000 cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1920 Series 20 1000 cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1929 Super X 750 cc 2 cyl ioe

Excelsior 1930 SuperX 750cc 2 cyl ioe